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Aristotle's Best Regime Vol. Vii, Nos. 1-10 : A Reading Of Aristotle's Politics

RRP $233.99

Aristotle in his Politics devotes a large portion to his theory of the best regime. Renewed interest in this idea, along with scholarly disagreements on what Aristotle says, make this reading an important contribution to classical political studies. Chuska's approach is a defense of Aristotle's theory, showing it to be necessary and helpful, despite controversy over his purportedly narrow-minded discussions of non-Greeks. Relying on the text of Politics as well as Greek history and other works by Aristotle, Chuska expands on the theory of the best city.

The Politics Of An Emerging Profession

RRP $366.99

"Wiegand examines the development of ALA from 1876 to 1917 in this masterful tale. He looks at the issues that existed during those years, the conflicts, and the changing characteristics of ALA's Executive Board, and succeeds in giving us a particularly revealing picture of the nature of the profession. He analyzes the three elements of Dewey's motto, `The best reading for the largest number at the least cost,' and how they characterized ALA's development as the leaders sought to accomplish those goals. Wiegand makes his points carefully in this story of a `struggle to accommodate shifting pressures and power groups within the world of librarianship." This is a perceptive, reliable recounting of our early history, and will stimulate a great deal of discussion. Wiegand's book deserves a wide audience." Wilson Library Bulletin

Shakespeare And Politics

RRP $473.99

William Shakespeare, more than any other author, was able to capture the essence of human nature in all its manifestations. His political plays offer enduring insights into our humanity, our vanity, our noble and baser drives, what makes us great, and what makes us loathsome. He tells us about ourselves and about our world. This volume gleans valuable lessons from the writings of William Shakespeare and applies them to contemporary politics. Original chapters covering over a dozen different plays take up perennial political themes including power and leadership, corruption and virtue, war and peace, evil and liberty, persuasion and polarization, and empire and global overreach.Features of the text:


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