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Goderich Ontario In Photos

RRP $13.99

Goderich, Ontario, located on the eastern shore of Lake Huron, is the subject of Book 23 in the Cruising Ontario series of books of photographs of towns and cities in Ontario. The photos show the architecture and design of old buildings, many that are over 100 years old, with some descriptions of the buildings and background information. A written history of the town is included which talks about the beginning of settlement, what it was like as a pioneer, farming practices in Huron County, the invention of bigger and better stoves to keep warm in the homes in the cold winter climate, a history of salt mining, and information about other industries. The August 2011 tornado that tore across the area destroyed many buildings and badly damaged others. Some of the pictures included in this book have met their purpose, saving our history one photo at a time, as some of the buildings no longer exist. Enjoy the visual history of the town.

Photoshop Glamour 109

RRP $18.99

- Professional Photoshop magazine ! - Designed for people, who are looking for a job, and to apply for a position need a Photoshop knowledge. - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional level book. - The book based on personal working experience in editorial offices and graphic design studios. - Full color, 8x10 inches format book. - In the book You can find 20 color glamour photos, with Photoshop tutorials. - CONTENTS - Chapter 1 - 1.Grid/Gridline - 2.Grayscale - 3.Free Transform - 4.Pinch Filter - 5.Path Making - Chapter 2 - 1.Load Selection - 2.Rotate - 3.Feather Radius - 4.Gaussian Blur - 5.Clone - Chapter 3 - 1. Gradient Editor - 2.Yellow Veil - 3.Skin Color - 4.Layers, New - 5.Paint - Chapter 4 - 1.Opacity - 2.Motion Blur - 3.Sharpen - 4.Liquify - 5.Radial Filter - New ! Shortcuts next to each tutorial. -

Terrestrial Photosynthesis In A Changing Environment

RRP $467.99

Understanding how photosynthesis responds to the environment is crucial for improving plant production and maintaining biodiversity in the context of global change. Covering all aspects of photosynthesis, from basic concepts to methodologies, from the organelle to whole ecosystem levels, this is an integrated guide to photosynthesis in an environmentally dynamic context. Focusing on the ecophysiology of photosynthesis - how photosynthesis varies in time and space, responds and adapts to environmental conditions and differs among species within an evolutionary context - the book features contributions from leaders in the field. The approach is interdisciplinary and the topics covered have applications for ecology, environmental sciences, agronomy, forestry and meteorology. It also addresses applied fields such as climate change, biomass and biofuel production and genetic engineering, making a valuable contribution to our understanding of the impacts of climate change on the primary productivity of the globe and on ecosystem stability.


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