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Photosynthesis is one of the most important processes that affects all life on Earth, and, even now in the twenty-first century, it is still being studied and tested by scientists, chemists, and botanists.  Regardless of politics or opinion, climate change is one of the most polarizing and important, potentially dangerous, issues facing the future of our planet, and a better understanding of photosynthesis, and how it is changing with our global climate, could hold the answers to many scientific questions regarding this important phenomenon. 

This edited volume, written by some of the world's foremost authorities on photosynthesis, presents revolutionary new ideas and theories about photosynthesis, and how it can be viewed and studied at various levels within organisms.  Focusing on the molecular, cellular, and organismic levels, the scientists who compiled this volume offer the student or scientist a new approach to an old subject.  Looking through this new lens, we can continue to learn more about the natural world in which we live and our place in it.

Valuable to the veteran scientist and student alike, this is a must-have volume for anyone who is researching, studying, or writing about photosynthesis.  There are other volumes available that cover the subject, from textbooks to monographs, but this is the first time that a group of papers from this perspective has been gathered by an editor for publication.  It is an important and enlightening work on a very important subject that is integral to life on Earth. 

Photoshop For Interior Designers

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Photoshop for Interior Designers introduces step-by-step techniques for interior designers to successfully use Adobe Photoshop to visually communicate their design concept through graphic images and to illustrate design ideas through a visual thinking process. Instructions show how to integrate hand drawings and freehand sketches into digital drawings. Basic and advanced techniques presented include creating floor plans and elevations, preparing perspectives or isometric drawings, and applying materials, lightings, background and entourages for interior design presentations. Taking a multi-media approach, the text demonstrates how to use Photoshop to refine and modify drawings created in Google Sketchup, AutoCAD and other 3D software programs, and introduces how to use InDesign to seamlessly create graphic layouts for presentation to clients.

The Photosynthetic Bacterial Reaction Center: Ii

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The NATO Advanced Research Workshop entitled "The Photosynthetic Bacterial Reaction Center: Structure, Spectroscopy, and Dynamics" was held May 10-15, 1992, in the Maison d'H6tes of the Centre d'Etudes Nuc1eaires de Cadarache near Aix-en-Provence in the south of France. This workshop is the most recent of a string of meetings which started in Feldafing (Germany) in March 1985, soon after the three-dimensional structure of the bacterial reaction center had been elucidated by X-ray crystallography. This was followed, in September 1987, by a workshop in Cadarache and, in March 1990, by a second meeting in Feldafing. Although one of the most important processes on Earth, photosynthesis is still poorly understood. Stimulated by the breakthrough of solving the bacterial reaction center structure at atomic resolution, the field of relating this structure to the function of the reaction center, i. e. the remarkably efficient conversion and storage of solar energy, has been developing vigorously. Once the general organization of the cofactors and some details of the protein-cofactor interactions were known, it became possible to combine a variety of spectroscopic techniques with the powerful tool of site-directed mutagenesis in order to address increasingly incisive questions about the specific role of some amino acid residues in the electron transfer process. Still another promising tool is being developed, namely the exchange of a number of the native bacteriochlorophyll and bacteriopheophytin cofactors by chemically modified pigments.


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