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A Critical Inquiry Into The Opinions And Practice Of The Ancient Philosophers Concerning The Nature Of The Soul And A Future State, And Their Method Of The Double Doctrine

RRP $29.95

This book, "A Critical Inquiry Into the Opinions and Practice of the Ancient Philosophers Concerning the Nature of the Soul and a Future State, and Their Method of the Double Doctrine," by John Towne, is a replication of a book originally published before 1748. It has been restored by human beings, page by page, so that you may enjoy it in a form as close to the original as possible.

A Second Opinion

RRP $18.99

For years, New York has been one of the leading centers of healthcare in the United States and the world. With world renown medical schools and medical centers, patients from around the world have flocked there for care. In a matter of weeks, your life can be changed. No one knows that more than Miriam Blankstein. After discovering a lump on her left breast, Miriam, the young wife of a successful investment banker, enters the healthcare system like thousands of women each year. Referred by her private physician to Bridge Point University Hospital, she soon learns that all medical centers aren't the same. Her life quickly becomes more complicated when her husband is rushed to the Emergency Room. From the patient's perspective, Miriam learns how the decisions of Administration and the pressures of Finance have driven their care. She'll never be the same.

Public Opinion And Polling Around The World

RRP $582.99

Covering the intricate facets of America's most important democratic tradition, this book serves as an important resource to understand how citizens' views are translated into governmental action.

110 A-Z entries on how public opinion works, how it is measured, and public thinking on key issues

More than 115 contributions from distinguished scholars of political science and sociology at top universities including Princeton, Harvard, and Stanford

An appendix including original survey questionnaires

175 graphs show changes in public opinion and support key points in the entries

Detailed, up-to-date, scholarly bibliography of recommended reading and websites for further research on public opinion and polling


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