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Broadcast News And Writing Stylebook

RRP $391.99

Papper's Broadcast News and Writing Stylebook is the go-to handbook in broadcast news, and with the updates in the 6th edition, it is sure to continue this legacy. Through clear and concise chapters, this text provides the fundamental rules of broadcast news writing. It covers various fields across the board, including crime and government, weather, education, health, and sports. Within each field, readers learn the nuances of reporting, grammar, style, and usage.

Written by a professional who has overseen major industry research for the past eighteen years, this edition presents the data on news writing in a relevant and digestible manner. With the business of broadcast news changing rapidly, this text reflects the current news environment and explores where it will head in the future. With an expanded social media chapter and additional insight into the news rooms of today, Broadcast News and Writing Stylebook incorporates all the skills and knowledge reporters and journalist need to prepare for their careers.

International News In The Digital Age

RRP $287.99

The new research presented in this volume suggests that general perceptions (cultural, psychological, geographical), allied to the customs and values of journalism, and underpinned by the uses of technology, significantly shape international news. This gives rise to a blend of the old and the new; traditions of cultural centredness and innovative practices; anchorages of place and the rootlessness of globalization. Technology per se has not swept all before it. On the other hand, its uses have altered the means and methods of international news sourcing, construction and dissemination. Consequently, the uptake of technology has contributed to fundamental changes in style and form, and has greatly facilitated cross-cultural exchanges. The category a international newsa (TM) is now more of a hybrid, as recognized by the BBC and others. The chapters in this book demonstrate that this hybridity is unevenly distributed across geo-political domains, and often across time. Nevertheless, as the contributors to this volume show, the concept of a international newsa (TM) relies on tightly interwoven elements of orthodox journalism, social media, civic expression and public assembly.

A Beginner's Guide To The Good News Of God

RRP $13.99

This inspiring little book is an enlightening, easy-to-read, easy-to-understand breakdown of what the Bible, Christianity, church and the abundant life is all about. To those who are not familiar with those things, it reveals everything they need to know about getting right with God and getting on the path to true joy. To those who do know about those things, it brings a sense of spiritual renewal and freshness and provides them with a new and effective way to share the good news with those they love. Don't miss out on this wonderful, inspirational, powerful, breath-of-life treat! Read it for yourself, then pass it on!


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