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The London Lancet; A Journal Of British And Foreign Medicine, Physiology, Surgery, Chemistry, Criticism, Literature And News

RRP $216.99

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1871 Excerpt: ...marvellous effects of this juice in cancer. The patient is a married woman, aged thirty-eight, who Buffered, according to the author's diagnosis, from carcinomatous ulceration of the rectum and cervix uteri. After having controlled the uterine hcumorrhage with perchloride of iron, Dr. D'Arpem was in doubt as to the treatment of the malignant ulceration, when he heard of the views of Professor Sohiff on the subject. The latter had for some time advocated the use of gastric and pancreatic juice in cancer. Being applied to, the professor furnished the author with artificial gastric juice, and advised injections into the rectum or about seven fluid drachms of the juice daily. Much pain was experienced from the first injection, but this was lessened by the use of some almond oil. The seven drachms were now divided into three parts, injected separately three times a day. This was continued for twenty days, when considerable improvement had taken place, both as regards the rectum and the womb. The patient was now so well as to be able to perform a journey with her husband, and on her return the cicatrisation of the ulcer was complete. She had continued the enemata at longer intervals during her absence, and she now presented all the outward signs of health. Such are the facts related by the author. If the diagnosis were perfectly reliable, we might harbor the hope that the specific for cancer has been found. But the case is isolated, and does not present the proper guarantees as to diagnosis. Nor is it likely that numerous trials will be made in the same direction. INVESTIGATIONS BESPE0TINO NORMAL AND PATHOLOGICAL LOCAL TEMPERATURE. Dr. Jacobson, of Konigsberg, relates, in Tirchow's Archiv, vol. 51, second part, a series of experiments upon animals, by moans of th...

Corrupt Business Practices In Newspaper Circulation

RRP $13.99

This book is also a section found in the more comprehensive resource titled: "Advice and Cautions for Independent Publishing Authors." While this book is not actually on the subject of indie authoring or publishing, it does relate to it indirectly because some independent authors do indeed write as freelancers for in-print newspapers. I also believe the experiences I relate regarding dishonestly within a newspaper I worked as a distribution agent for, further helps to educate readers, in regard to the types of scams that are perpetrated by those who are dishonest within the publishing world in general. There are many honest and highly ethical people in businesses, and public offices, including those in the newspaper industry but honesty can only maintain an upper-hand when accountability for potential dishonestly remains in place and is practiced when necessary. I also feel that the type practices I describe in the chapters of this book, that I witnessed first-hand as a contract newspaper distributor, including illegitimate methods for increasing circulation by some newspaper companies, is far more common than the general public may realize. This also means that the cost of advertising being purchased from these newspapers, by businesses and consumers is sometimes illegitimately inflated by dishonest companies, based on false circulation numbers. Could it be that this is possibly one of the reasons for the continuing downfall of printed newspapers, with honest ones suffering, along with the dishonest ones? Written by a veteran "newsboy" with 16 years experience in newspaper sales. TABLE OF CONTENTS: CHAPTER ONE: Why I became a Newsboy CHAPTER TWO: Collection Time Shenanigans CHAPTER THREE: Tucked Away for a Rainy Day CHAPTER FOUR: How to Increase Newspaper Circulation without even Trying CHAPTER FIVE: Confessions of a Corrupt District Manager CHAPTER SIX: Ghost Routes Galore CONCLUSION

Inside The Founding Of Newsweek

RRP $18.69

Bronze Medal winner of the 2015 Axiom Business Book Awards, biography/memoir category.
A former wartime pilot and Time magazine s first foreign editor, Thomas J. C. Martyn had a vision: to establish a weekly news magazine that would rival Time, which in the 1930s was the only magazine of its kind in the United States. Martyn succeeded so resoundingly that Newsweek has prospered for over 80 years, first as a stalwart of print media and now in the digital era, as well.
Newsweek was Martyn s brainchild, brought to life through his own perseverance and ingenuity. So it came as a bitter blow when a series of rivalries and disputes led to his ousting from the Newsweek board just four years after its first edition.
In the 1960s Martyn wrote this memoir, which his granddaughter Anne Martyn Alexander has recently brought to light. He draws a vivid picture of his efforts to get Newsweek off the ground; his meetings with powerful men such as President Roosevelt and Henry Ford; and his own idiosyncrasies that may have played a part in the rift with the Newsweek board. Like so many visionaries, Martyn was a charismatic yet difficult man to work with, and his often-feisty character comes through clearly in his memoir.
This classic entrepreneur s story reveals the struggles and triumphs of getting a national magazine off the ground during the depths of the Great Depression. One man s pursuit of his dream meets the tumultuous era of the 1930s in a book which will entertain and engage Newsweek fans, entrepreneurs, and history buffs alike. "


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