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Student Workbook For Rich's Writing And Reporting News

RRP $231.99

The Student Workbook features several exercises in each chapter to reinforce the concepts taught in Writing and Reporting News, Eighth Edition. These include quizzes, exercises designed to give students more opportunities to improve their reporting and writing skills, and exercises designed to encourage critical thinking by asking students to critique news stories and analyze websites. This edition of the workbook also includes practice in using social media skills.

The Lean Newsroom

RRP $320.00

Most journalists today have accepted the need for change as digital and mobile technologies have disrupted traditional business models and changed the way people consume news and information. But organizational change is difficult; even the best ideas and intentions are often not successfully executed. This book offers leaders and managers a roadmap for understanding the obstacles to change in their organizations and how to overcome them. It helps organizations better understand how to position themselves strategically to serve the new-media marketplace by understanding what news consumers and advertisers want and how they want to engage and collaborate with media organizations.

Broadcast News And Writing Stylebook

RRP $271.99

Updated in its 5th edition, Papper's Broadcast News andÿWriting Stylebook is the first and most widely used handbook in broadcast news. This book clearly and concisely outlines the rules of broadcast news writing, reporting, grammar, style, and usage. With chapter-by-chapter coverage of story types, from business stories to crime and legal reporting, education, government, health, the environment, weather, and sports, the Broadcast News and Writing Stylebook lays out the particular demands of composition, form, style, and usage in all the diverse areas of broadcast news. Because the news business has changed -- and continues to evolve -- so has this text.ÿ Written by the person who has overseen the major industry research for the past 18 years, the latest edition looks into the future of news by exploring the business of news.ÿ Citing the latest data and trends, the book takes a hard look at where the industry stands and where it appears to be headed.ÿ


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