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Exploring Newspaper Language

RRP $386.99

This book describes new methodological and technological approaches to corpus building and presents recent research based on the "Norwegian Newspaper Corpus". This is a large monitor corpus of contemporary Norwegian language, compiled through daily harvesting of web newspapers. The book gives an overview of the corpus and its system architecture, and presents tools used for tasks such as text harvesting, annotation, topic classification and extraction and frequency profiling of new words and phrases. Among the innovative technologies is Corpuscle, a corpus query engine and management system which is flexible enough to handle very large corpora in an efficient way. The individual research contributions based on the corpus explore different aspects of Norwegian, including the occurrence of anglicisms, neologisms and terminology, and the use of metonymy and metaphor in newspaper language. The book also describes an innovative method of applying correspondence analysis and implicational analysis to investigate interdependencies between morphosyntactic variants.

Editing For Today's Newsroom

RRP $257.99

Editing for Today's Newsroom provides training, support and advice for prospective news editors. Through history, analyses, and anecdotes, this book offers a solid grounding to prepare potential editors for the full range of their responsibilities in today's newsrooms: developing ideas; evaluating and editing copy; working with writers; determining what is news; understanding presentation and design; directing news coverage; managing people; making decisions under pressure; and coping with a variety of ethical, legal, and professional considerations, all while operating in today's multimedia, multiplatform news arena. Author Carl Sessions Stepp focuses on editors as newsroom decision makers and quality controllers; accordingly, the book features strategies and techniques for coping with a broad spectrum of editing duties. Covering basic and advanced copyediting skills, it also provides intellectual context to the editor's role, critically examining the history of editing and the changing job of the contemporary editor.

News From Wake

RRP $18.99

Earl Simpson's poetry encompasses a long period of time and a narrow field of interest: a country road, a house, some trees, some space, wife, God above and the earth below. These poems are like his junky furniture, but since you're here, he'll show you around the house. The place is full of arty facts, and doubtless a few cool chairs with broken legs.


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