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Cooking Chinese Takeout Food At Home

RRP $18.99

Have you ever eaten takeaway food from a Chinese Takeaway and wondered if it was possible to make it at home in the comfort of your own kitchen?. Well the good news is that it is easily possible with just a few ingredients to completely replicate any authentic Chinese Takeaway dish. This book contains recipes directly from Chinese Takeouts and is a fascinating and useful book to recreate the perfect takeout meal at home.

Cooking With Olive Oil

RRP $39.99

This title includes: 25 recipes for drenching, drizzling, dressing and dipping with the essential ingredient of the Mediterranean. It is a celebration of the olive's history and versatility, and a fascinating guide to the different types of olive, the olive harvest and methods of picking, the milling and pressing processes, and how to select perfect olives for eating. It is a superb selection of olive oil recipes from the countries that cultivate the olive and press the oil, from Italy, Greece and Spain, to the North African coast. It includes classic olive oil dishes such as Aioli, Pistou, Brandade de Morue and Bagna Cauda, as well as its use in substantial recipes such as Roast Chicken with Mediterranean Vegetables and Bouillabaise. It describes the health benefits of using olive oil in the Mediterranean diet, and its use in skincare products. Whether you drizzle it over salads and breads or use it in cooking, olive oil is a magical ingredient that enhances food, soothes sharp tastes, and provides an extra richness during or after cooking. This enticing book offers a selection of classic olive oil recipes, taken from the countries that have produced it for centuries. Dishes include Mediterranean classics such as Bagna Cauda, Tapenade, Aioli and Pistou, in which olive oil is a central ingredient. There are also dishes where olive oil doesn't dominate but has a key role, such as Bouillabaise and Eliche with Pesto. With tips on how to use olive oil for dressings, drizzling, finishing off a dish or just dunking, this book captures the olive oil's diversity. Useful advice is offered on selecting oils for specific culinary purposes, explaining how the oil is made and where the best pressings come from. There is also detailed information about the health benefits of olive oil.

Slow Cooking For Two

RRP $35.00

Create easy and delicious meals for two with Slow Cooking for Two. If you're short on time, few in numbers, and craving the comfort of a home-cooked meal, Slow Cooking for Two is here to save the day. Slow Cooking for Two offers 101 easy recipes meant for just two people, including soups, stews, casseroles, desserts, and more. Slow Cooking for Two will save you time and money with simple and delicious meals that are flavorful without requiring hours of preparation. Slow Cooking for Two will give you all the tools you need to start enjoying slow cooking for two people, with: 101 easy slow cooker recipes specifically designed for 11/2 and 2-quart slow cookers Comforting Slow Cooking for Two recipes, including Minestrone Soup, Beef Bourguignon, Chicken Pot Pie, Mac and Cheese, and Turtle Brownies Easy one-pot meals, including Short Ribs with Polenta and Meat Loaf with Potatoes Practical techniques for slow cooking for two, including shopping lists, and food preparation and storage tips Slow Cooking for Two will make it easy for you (and one more!) to enjoy delicious and hassle-free meals."


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