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Fishing News: Fly Fishing, the best tips!

The reproduction of the trouts requires special conditions. The fact to fish outside the dates authorized implies a new element of alteration: the death of reproducers and the loss - to medium term of one of main attractive the tourist ones of the region. We reiterated that we talked about exotic species. The Law protects the native fauna in all the cases. The fishing modalities go from spinning (with teaspoon from the coast) or trolling (it fishes embarked), to fly-casting (it fishes with fly). The places for each modality will be able to consult them in the regulation of fishing or the tourist information bureaus. In order to acquire equipment specific commerce very well assorted exists. An advice: to always resort to the services of a fishing guide. Many and very good exist, and will be the best election to guarantee an unforgettable day

1. Use a double taper line for your dry line fishing. Many shops and instructors like to have a new caster use the weight forward dry line because it gives the illusion of greater distance and power than a double taper line. This is truly an illusion. The weight forward line is a shooting head and has all the benefits and drawbacks of a shooting head. A given rod will throw a weight forward farther than a double taper, but not much. A double taper first of all feels like a fly line. It has a silky, comfortable feel and has the virtue of demanding a little better technique and understanding of the casting process. A double taper will mend beautifully. It can be reversed when one end wears out. With your double taper floater you can roll cast like nobody's business out to fifty or seventy feet, depending on the bushes. A double taper will execute a Spey cast just fine with a single-handed fly rod. This is valuable when you are back to back with trees and bushes. If you have ten or fifteen feet behind you a dynamic roll cast will get you way more than fifty feet into the river or lake. The place you need a weight forward dry line is tropical surface fishing for bones and tarpon etc. where you need lots of distance in a hurry.

2. Buy a stiff double taper dry line. This is not a commercial site but you can find high end lines that are stiffer than the others and these will make casting much more of a joy. The stiff line shoots through the guides more readily and it does not tangle like the very flexible ones.

3. Donít be too lazy to use line dressing on your dry line regularly. The line picks up algae and dirt and gets to be not so smooth. If you dress it you not only remove the scum but you lubricate the line and it shoots through the guides like a dream. It also floats higher which is particularly helpful when you are making that fifty-foot roll cast.

4. Concentrate on your back cast. With a good strong straight back cast the fore cast or lay down is a snap. It is the back cast that counts.

5. Practice for short periods regularly. One way to induce this good habit is to keep a rod set up in your garage or closet and step outside for a few minutes whenever you feel like it and practice something. We cut little circles or squares from plastic milk jugs, punch a small hole with an awl, the sharp point on a compass or any such tool and then cut a slit from the edge to the hole with a jack knife. We pull the tippet through this by the practice fly or yarn fly and leave the rod either fully assembled or half and half with the leader straight. We walk out the door and Voila! we are fishing. ( well almost)

6. When you practice something. Always have an objective. You can practice on the sidewalk, across the street, in the parking strip or anywhere but have an objective. Becoming a journeyman fly caster is like learning a musical instrument, basketball, tennis or any other skill. Practice is focused on one or two points at a time.

7. Be prepared to backslide on what you know while you are adding to your fly-casting skills. It is a normal learning pattern to make two steps forward and then one step back.

8. Take a blond, brunette, redhead, grey head, silver head or any head fishing with a fly rod. Fly casting is not a gender specific sport. We know couples where the wife casts in tournaments and fishes and the husband goes along to enjoy the camaraderie and the scenery. We know couples where the man is the caster and the woman does the bird watching.

9. Critique one another. If you have a friend who thinks casting is a worthwhile pursuit watch each other cast and dissect your strokes. The most telling signal of good or bad practice is the character of the back cast. It tells more about the state of your progress than anything else.


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