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Best Weather To Play Paintball: In The Rain?

People play in the rain for the love of paintball and the rain adds so much interest and challenge to the game. When playing in the rain, everything will be muddy and slippery: consequently runni........ Read More

Maneuvering A Go Kart In Bad Weather

Between karting indoors and outdoors, the thing that differentiates them from each other is handling different weather conditions. One may probably think that karting in adverse weather conditions i........ Read More

Try These Warm-weather Foot Health Tips

With more opportunities to feel the grass beneath your feet and take barefoot walks along the sand, the warmer months of the year can also be an excellent time to lavish some extra care on your feet. ........ Read More

The Rooster’s Immortal Perch, Hand Crafted Weathervanes

The weathervane is most often thought of as a metal rooster on the top of a barn that points in the direction of the blowing wind. That is a weathervane point in the direction of the origin of the win........ Read More

Keep Your Pet Calm In Stormy Weather

Why do some animals seem to know before we do that a storm's coming? One theory is that they can sense changes in barometric pressure. For house pets, as well as animals in the wild, tiny environment........ Read More

Can Your Home Insurance Stand Up To The Weather?

In 2004, the insurance industry estimated that about 45% of their settled claims were for damages caused by weather. This past January, that percentage climbed as high as 60%, with a possible £300 mi........ Read More

Cold Weather Work Uniforms

Working outdoors in the cold weather can be quite harsh, but that doesn’t mean you should make it harsh on your employees too. In fact, it is your responsibility to protect your employees with all t........ Read More

Cold Weather's Your Car Ready?

Pretty soon, the frost will be on the pumpkin and that should signal it's time to start thinking about getting your vehicle ready for the colder weather ahead. Here are some fall car care tips from ........ Read More


People don't think that it's important, but the appearance of your house outside is just as vital as the interior decorations. When you bring people to your house, the first thing they will see is the........ Read More

Know Your Course: Weather Conditions

Sunny weather can be very conducive for most sports enthusiasts. The scorching heat of the sun can even boost ones stamina to do better in any game. However, ever knew of any game that can be played e........ Read More

Don’t Let The Weather Take Your Breath Away

There are several weather related conditions that increase the risk of asthma attacks. Hospital admissions for breathing problems often increase as pollen counts rise and there have been many well-doc........ Read More

Las Vegas Weather

Contrary to what some people think, Las Vegas weather does have four seasons. Yes, the seasons are different than you would experience in a Northern state, but they exist nonetheless. Let's take a loo........ Read More

Will Your Auto Insurance Weather The Storm?

Severe storms can cause enormous property damage to your home. They can also do the same thing to your car. With storms getting worse, what can you do? Take a look at your insurance policy. "Too often........ Read More

Weathering Colic For New Parents

A common problem many times facing parents is Colic. Estimates say that between 15-25% of infants are born with Colic. Although it is not believed to effect a baby’s development it is still a strug........ Read More

A Weatherbuilt Home Performs Better During Storm Season

In the event of severe weather, you can protect your home by considering the "science" behind home building. Building science-the study of the perfor-mance of buildings and building materials-has beco........ Read More


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