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The New Politics

Politics, in all its forms, is bankrupt. The notion that we can safely and successfully hand over the management of our daily lives and the setting of priorities to a political class or elite is thoro........ Read More

American Politics And Insurance

Many Americans have many more complaints with the American government and politics, and how ill-prepared the government was for helping American citizens before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina st........ Read More

Politics And The Internet

According to a recent poll conducted by ComputerWorld, about forty percent of the population believes that people can increase their political power by going online. Hence, many academics believe that........ Read More

Music And Politics, Today?!

Jerome Camal, French of birth, is assistant to the Washington University of Saint Louis in jazz studies, musicologia and etnomusicologia. But it is also a saxophonist that is not satisfied with to liv........ Read More

Internet And Politics

In the past, political figures relied upon the news in the form of television stations and even newspapers to release information to the public, i.e. direct to the electorate. Now with the inventio........ Read More

The Politics Behind Olympics Games

Among the Greeks, fitness competitions and games were nationalistic in spirit; states were said to have been prouder of Olympic victories than of battles won. Women, foreigners, slaves, and dishonored........ Read More

Baby Boomers Voting Politics

Baby Boomers and Younger Generation Opposing Viewpoint on Voting and Politics Younger generations in the United States do not show much interest in the political games of boomers although rece........ Read More

Politics: The Corruption Curve

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." (Lord Acton) We all like to think of ourselves as kind, honest, and benevolent. In our hearts, we........ Read More

The Politics Of Scrabble

Friday night while some people were going out to dinner or the latest movie, Susan and I finished dinner and settled into a raucous game of Scrabble. Yes, I said raucous because when we play Scrabble,........ Read More

The Role Of Religion In Presidential Politics

This year's Presidential election presents a wide spectrum of religious faith amongst the candidates. This year more than ever, it begs the question: What role, if any, should religion play in the p........ Read More

Biotechnology And Politics - What To Do?

One of the snags in a political system is that it isn't always well-equipped to keep up with changes in technology. When the Internet came along, lawmakers were aghast at how to regulate it, or if i........ Read More

Politics- Is It Good At All

Politics- a word detested by most of the common people. To an ordinary person, politics is a synonym to corruption, misuse of power, money laundering and other malpractices. Politics has earned such a........ Read More

Office Politics

OFFICE POLITICS – GOOD or BAD? In almost every working environment we are faced with office politics. It seems to find a way of involving us and usually not by choice. The key to coping with thes........ Read More

Company Politics And Six Sigma

No grouping of human beings is without some amount of politics. Managing deployment of Six Sigma in your organization will unavoidably run into some personal issues and conflict. However, with deft ha........ Read More

Racial Segregation In Politics

It was not so many years ago that there was a deeply seated notion that black people were incapable of the thoughts needed to handle a political office. Not so many years ago, black people were sti........ Read More


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